Medical Clinic Services

General Medical Appointments

GPs in the practice are very experienced and have various specialities to assist in improving your health. There are a wide variety of services that the GPs can offer including but not limited to:

  • Chronic disease management – preparation of care plans and allied health referrals
  • Acute care medicine – minor emergencies
  • Child and adult immunisations including corporate and school vaccinations
  • Health assessments for patients over the age of 75
  • Cardiovascular risk assessments and advice on prevention and management
  • Diabetes risk assessments and advice on prevention and management
  • Asthma and COPD advice on management
  • Smoking cessations assistance
  • Pre-employment medicals, employment medicals, commercial driver’s license medicals
  • Mental health assessments, care plans and referrals
  • Work cover assessments and management
  • Travel advice and required vaccinations
  • Weight loss advice and management
  • Medication reviews and assistance for webster packing services
  • Veterans affairs assessments and assistance with health care needs

Minor Procedures

Our GPs are specialised in minor procedures and some of the procedures we are able to offer are as below:

  • Skin lesions excision
  • Implanon insertion
  • Management of ingrown toenail
  • Ear suction and toilet to remove ear wax
  • Fracture management
  • Iron infusion
  • Wound management

Health Assessments in Practice

We can offer various health assessments in our practice including:

  • Audiology (hearing test)
  • ECG
  • Spirometry (breathing test for Asthma and COPD)
  • Drug and alcohol testing

Women's Health

We can offer various women’s health services in our practice. The GPs have extensive experience in this field. The services available include:

  • Breast check
  • Cervical screening – commonly called a pap smear test
  • Pregnancy planning advice and referrals including shared care option
  • Contraception advice
  • Implanon (the bar) insertion and removal
  • Mirena removal
  • Menopause management

Men's Health

All the GPs in the practice are experienced and can offer a variety of men’s health services including:

  • Men’s health check
  • Prostate cancer check
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Other general and preventive checks

Children's Health

As a family-friendly medical centre, we are always available to assist with your child’s well-being. All our GPs and nursing staff can assist with various services including:

  • Childhood assessments from birth
  • Childhood vaccinations
  • School vaccinations
  • Assessments for behavioural issues and advice including referrals
  • Mental health assessment and referrals

Skin Checks & Procedures

Australia has a very high incidence of skin cancers. It is recommended that all Australians have yearly skin checks. The GPs in the practice are able to offer the following services:

  • Yearly full skin check
  • Skin lesion assessment, biopsy and excision if required.

Opening Hours

After Hours Care

For after hours medical care, please contact the National Home Doctor Service on 137 425.

Emergency Care

Please dial ‘000’ and call an ambulance.

Or present to the nearest emergency department at the Toowoomba Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital or St Andrew’s Hospital.